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Nurturing Your Children Properly

Enrol in this course and learn how to become the parent who reverses the damage caused by the narcissist and helps the children grow into healthy adults

What will you learn;

  1. How to recognize the unmet needs of the child and meet them where they are to develop a deep connection

  2. How NOT to unintentionally make fatal mistakes that can cause further harm than any good to your relationship with them

  3. Help the child to process, release and regulate the heavy emotions such as shame, anger and sadness

  4. How to communicate with the child about the other parent to create awareness while staying neutral

  5. How to make the child feel safe around you and the choices they make.

  6. How to help the child learn effective ways of dealing with abuse from the narcissistic parent

  7. How to help the child recognize the mistakes, reflect and take responsibility for their learned misconduct/narcissistic behaviour

  8. How to modify your approach as they grow up and communicate when they ask questions about the other parent

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