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Reclaim Yourself After Surviving a Narcissistic Parent

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Understand how being raised by a narcissistic parent impacts your development as a child and how that shows up in your adulthood

...and then learn how you can become resistant to their further abuse and heal your core wounds

What will you learn;

  1. How having a narcissistic parent affects you as a developing child and causes childhood trauma-The Origin

  2. The 3 main emotional weapons they use to force obedience and compliance

  3. The different roles you take to adapt to the stressful environment you were brought in and How you become the Golden Child, the lost/invisible child or the black sheep  - The Impact

  4. How you develop the patterns of codependency, avoidance or narcissism and re-enact them in your adult relationship - The Result

  5. The biggest reason why you keep ending up in similar toxic relationships & what it takes to be the cycle breaker

  6. How do you manage your relationship with your narcissistic parents through "contactless contact" and set firm boundaries- The Management

  7. How do you take a stand for yourself, break enmeshment and create a functional space for your healing

  8. How do you heal the trauma, release the guilt, shame and obligation, change and become narcissist-proof for real- The Resolution

Have Questions? We've answers...

  • For how much time do I have access to the course contents?

You have lifetime access to the course and the materials within.  

  • What is the format of the program?

The course is in video format, and there are worksheets & meditation tracks included.

  • Is this a recorded program or a live workshop?

This is a prerecorded course created with love and healing.

  • I am still living with my narcissistic parent or haven't gone No-Contact yet. Can this course still help me?

This course teaches and prepares you to distance yourself from them not only physically but also emotionally as well. You don't need to have left them or already be practising no contact for this program to work.

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